Kutztown CX (MAC and PACX) - Kutztown, PA

Race Type: Cyclocross Races

Conditions: Cold and snowy!

Riders Representing: Kristine Church, Emma Freymann, Lindsey Hinmon, Lisa Most

This weekend, Peanut Butter & Co. Human Zoom headed out for two days of racing in Kutztown, PA. Saturday’s race was part of the MidAtlantic CycloCross Series and Sunday’s race was part of the Pennsylvania CycloCross Series. This year, the racers were treated to some early-season snow and frigid temperatures. Snow before Thanksgiving? Gobble, Gobble! The course designers added some new features this year with four car-sized whoop de doos (or an optional four-barrier run). A snow-covered, sloppy course Saturday morning dried out during the day and made for some fast laps on the flat terrain. On Sunday, the riders raced in the reverse direction on the same course, posting even faster lap times than the day before. We had 3 podium finishes with Junior rider Emma Freymann continuing her winning ways with a win on Saturday and Masters rider Lisa Most in 2nd on Saturday and Sunday. Kristine and Lindsey kept the pace with top-15 finishes on Saturday. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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Sly Fox Cross presented by Bikesport – Pottstown, PA 

Lisa running swiftly over the barriersRace Type: Cyclocross

Conditions: Sunny and cool, perfect race day conditions

Riders Representing: Emma Freymann, Jen Rhodes, Lauren Festa, Lisa Most

Four Peanut Butter & Co. Human Zoom ladies showed up to first-time race, Sly Fox (a PACX cross race). This race was located in Pottstown, PA at the home of the Sly Fox brewery, which drew crowds that did not dwindle throughout the day like at some of the other “dry” races.

Through the very short course, ladies got an opportunity to see more of each other than they usually do. The course was less than a mile long with a long “staircase” of logs on the run-up, a descent with hidden rocks that claimed many tubulars, and a set of barriers. It was definitely one of the most spectator-friendly courses to-date; there were tons of cheers coming from all over the course – especially at the run-up.

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Stoudts Cross – Adamstown, PA 

Lauren turning.Race Type: Cyclocross

Conditions: Chilly, windy

Riders Representing: Emma Freymann, Kristine Church, Jen Rhodes, Lauren Festa, Lisa Most, Lindsey Hinmon

The Stoudts Cross race was not only another PACX series race, but it was also the 2014 PA State Championship. The race is held at the Stoudts Brewing Company which provides a very European and cyclocross feel. This year, the promoters took advantage of the famed “Goat Hill” and required racers to go up two steep sections back-to-back with a longer grinding climb – all in one short lap. Due to the length of the course, it felt like racers never got a break from the climbing!

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Swashbuckler Cross MAC Series Race #8 – Manheim, PA 

Race Type: Cyclocross

Conditions: Chilly and 20 mph winds

Riders Representing: Dana (McAllister) Ordons, Lauren Festa

When Lauren and Dana woke up to rain and blustery winds on Saturday, it was tough for them to get motivated to pack up the car and head to the race. They were convinced that the day would be a messy one. Constant rain overnight would mean a car full of muddy bikes and gear and a long evening of cleaning. They set out with their husbands on the Turnpike, and much to their pleasant surprise, rain stopped and roads were dry about 10 minutes before the race exit.

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Crossasaurus Awesome! - Upper Salford, Pennsylvania

Kristine in action!Race Type: Cyclocross Race

Conditions: 50s, dry and super windy

Riders Representing: Kristine Church, Lauren Festa, Emma Freymann, Lindsey Hinmon, Dana McAllister, Lisa Most, Jennifer Rhodes

On Sunday, Peanut Butter & Co. Human Zoom zipped around an Awesome! course in Upper Salford, PA. Always a popular race due to the swoopy nature of the course and sunny weather, this year was no different, except for the addition of 30mph winds straight out of Belgium! To add to the fun, the course designers included a sizeable log to run or ride, plus roots and a new staircase, each of which created challenges for some. The racing was fast and furious and one small bobble or run-in with course tape meant sliding a few places back. This race is part of the Pennsylvania Cyclocross Series, an 11-race series and racers were out to add to their point totals. We had 3 podium finishers with Junior rider Emma Freymann and 3/4 rider Lindsey Hinmon taking wins and Masters rider Lisa Most in 2nd! Good work ladies!

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